Aperitivo in spiaggia - Marina di Ravenna

Marina di Ravenna and the lidos of Ravenna

The history of Marina di Ravenna

There once was a fishing village called “Marina” at the mouth of the Candiano Canal (or Canal Corsini) that connects the city area with the sea.

Already one hundred years ago, in 1926, those fishermen sensed the tourist potential of their Marina, so much so they founded the Tourist Board.

The small village as renamed Marina di Ravenna, with the idea of being more attractive to tourists.

Instead on the left side, the village commonly called Abissinia kept the name of Porto Corsini.

Marina is currently a hamlet of the Municipality of Ravenna. It is the first of the southern lidos, or beaches south of the Candiano Canal.

Immediately after we find Punta Marina, while the last of the sequence is Lido di Savio.

The northern side of the Riviera Romagnola

What has made our coast one of the flagships of Italian and European tourism is the possibility to combine culture, sea, and fun.

Hotel Palazzo Bezzi is located exactly in the centre of this alchemy.

Close to both Milano Marittima and Ravenna, the lidos of Ravenna mix the sacred with the profane, as is our custom.
Depending on their orientation on the Candiano Canal, the lidos are called lidi Nord or lidi Sud (North or South Lidos).

Chill & Wellness

If you are travelling as a couple and want to enjoy all the comforts of your holiday, Lido di Dante and Lido Adriano have super equipped beaches at affordable prices.

Punta Marina is absolutely the best beach for those who love resting and wellbeing.

The most “in” and “chic” lidos of Ravenna are Marina Romea and Casalborsetti, the recommended destinations if you want to give your holiday a touch of class.

With its delightful lagoon and the possibility to go birdwatching, Marina di Romea is also one of the most interesting destinations for nature tourism.

Hardcore & Fun

If you are ready for a wilder and less mainstream adventure, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio and Porto Corsini are definitely tailored for you.

Uncrowded beaches, ideal for families and those who love practicing water sports.

In addition, these lidos are a short distance from Mirabilandia. A park that cannot but make your children happy.

But let’s get to the most dissolute and lively area of Ravenna, the already mentioned Marina di Ravenna. Eden for young couples and groups of friends.

The Riviera postcard is right here: open-air discos, crowds in ecstasy and trendy clubs, where there will be plenty of
chances for a selfie with some VIPs.

The mussel of Marina di Ravenna

And when it is time to eat – easy – the true jewel of the Adriatic is the mussel of Marina di Ravenna.

The gastronomic community of Romagna has been banking on this product for some time.

There are many events during the summer that have this shellfish as the main feature. From the classic festival to cooking lessons, going on to street food.

Furthermore, during “La Cozza di Marina di Ravenna” festival, a list of fifty-six restaurants serve themed menus.
There is even the opportunity to watch directly from boats the diving and harvesting of this exquisite shellfish.

photocredit: APT Servizi Emilia Romagna

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