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Palazzo Bezzi: the king of Hotels near Mirabilandia

Looking for a Hotel near Mirabilandia? You have just found it. One of the most famous fun parks in Italy is 12 kilometres from Palazzo Bezzi and can be reached in around a quarter of an hour.

Few hotels near Mirabilandia guarantee luxury, comfort, and a prime position in the centre of Ravenna.

Mirabilandia: a touch of history

Mirabilandia fun park was conceived in the late eighties by Situr-Finbrescia, San Paolo Finance and Publitalia ’80. The park was then inaugurated on 4 July 1992.

The idea was to make Mirabilandia a large area dedicated to a mainly young public, with the intention of exploiting the image of the Riviera Romagnola and its great influx of tourists.

In its early days, things did not go well. In the first two years, 600,000 and 950,000 visitors were registered respectively – a figure way below the 2 million that the companies expected.

Initially, the only attractions were the Rio Bravo (the waterway on a rubber dinghy) and the Sierra Tonante (the wooden roller coaster). In the following years, the numbers decreased, so that in 1996 the company managing the park risked bankruptcy.

In 1997, the park was sold to the Loeffelhardt-Casoli group. The two towers, the Eurowheel Ferris wheel, the Niagara, the Pakal, the Hurricane and the most famous of all, the Katun, were installed.

Thanks to these new attractions, the park began to exceed one and a half million people a year and became what it is today: a worldwide phenomenon.

Mirabilandia today: the new attractions

Mirabilandia divides the attractions into three categories: extreme, moderate and calm, to meet every kind of target, from the youngest to the dads, from the most scared to the most daring.

To name just a few, among the extreme we have the Katun, the towers or the Ispeed.

Among the moderate are the Casa Matta, the Scrambler Run and the Rio Bravo, while the Monosaurus, the Mira Express or the Aquaqua are the calmer ones.

The Theme Areas

In addition to adrenaline, the park is divided into six different theme areas: Ducati World, Far West Valley, Bimbopoli, Dinoland, Route 66 and Adventureland.

Ducati World is the first theme area in the world dedicated to a motorcycle brand in a fun park. A great protagonist is the exclusive interactive double-track duelling coaster that simulates riding a Panigale V4 motorcycle: Desmo Race.

Highly recommended for all ages, just like the Ducati Experience equipped with the latest generation of simulators!

Far West Valley catapults you into a perfectly reconstructed old west town to experience pure thrills, thanks to the many attractions – Buffalo Bill Rodeo, Thundering Eagle, Geronimo, Legends of Dead Town – inspired by iconic symbols and characters.

One of the largest in Europe, Bimbopoli is the area of Mirabilandia designed for children. There are countless attractions dedicated to all ages. After fully exploring them, we recommend a visit to Mike’s Bar.

Twelve thousand square metres dedicated to prehistory, with 54 different species of perfectly reproduced dinosaurs: Dinoland combines fun with a palaeontology book.

USA and speed are the topics of Route 66. The highlights are certainly the iSpeed and the Stunt Show, among the most realistic and renowned in Europe.

Adventureland is somewhat the signature area of Mirabilandia. The chance to walk through ancient Mayan cities with the adrenaline of the Katun or the fun but calm Rio Bravo.

Why stay in a hotel near Mirabilandia

With all the hotels around the park, why choose Palazzo Bezzi?

As already mentioned previously, the hotel is just 12 km from Mirabilandia, a distance no different to the other hotels nearby. However, unlike the others, with Palazzo Bezzi you can stay in the centre of Ravenna.

No endless queues and the hassle of looking for parking since the centre of Ravenna is perfectly connected to the fun park.

Last but not least, staying with us allows families to avoid the large crowds of organised trips.

If you want to plan your visit to Mirabilandia on elegance, discretion and comfort, Hotel Palazzo Bezzi is the best solution.


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